Monday, 21 November 2011

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Some of our very own work!

Hope this inspires you all! :)
  Its subtle and simple use of colours made our client like this design
Little Big Designs

Monday, 14 November 2011 Showcase your very own customized youtube channel!! is focused more on the web design aspect of life with easy to learn tutorials. Choose from a variety of these:

    Digital Blog tuts

Sunday, 13 November 2011 inspiring work for all ages to see! has great inspiring work for all ages, his simple yet very imaginative and a great sense of fun humour in his work, has made him a great talent, which can be seen in this children's book he designed.
You can view his work done in videos also, click here to view.

I highly recommend checking out his site, was a great help to myself aswell as general interest in digital work.
Here is some work he produced for Halloween as an example, its called "Halloween on a little planet"

 Hope this is of some benefit to you all you guys out there! :)
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 Regards digitalblogtuts
 Recently I checked out the website and found some very useful tutorials under the following headings:

 In this website linked below, you can find countless Photoshop,tutorials,patterns,brushes,add-ons,layer styles,vectors and much more!! At ultimate designer tool kit...

Here is one example of their work.In this tutorials you will learn how to create a fantastic Photoshop manipulation where you will use simple techniques to create an advanced poster. Link is listed below image :)

Link for this advanced poster tutorials click on this link to view ...
 Hope you all enjoy! :)

Introduction to Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Web Design and much much more...

 In this Blog you will have a guide to all the best, newly released tutorials out there!
  A tutorial Directory for all your Digital needs and urges, any creative ideas that come to mind or need some creative inspiration Digital Blog Tuts will have the answer, just a simple click away :)
 Main focuses will be on:

  • Adobe Photoshop tutorials
  • Adobe After Effects tutorials
  • And web designs tutorials
  • Plus tonnes of Tips and Tricks for Multimedia!
Please comment and send me your interests and ill do my best to find you the AWESOME tutorials out there!